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What if?
Is just one of a quadruple of plays on the Sydney Theatre School's second semester bill.

What if? is written and directed by Malcolm Frawley. Putting together a competent play with a cast of near 14 students is no mean feat, but a feat which Frawley has accomplished with panache.

The play deals with the sliding doors or the 'what ifs' of the central character (Hannah) as she wends her merry way from adolescence to early adulthood. To accommodate his generous cast numbers he's split the lead role across three central actress', a device which the more pompous theatre goer might refer to as 'Freudian'.

Frawley's flair for narrative is strong, the plays linear three act structure is punctured throughout with these what if fantasy cutaways - but alongside this he plays with the conventions of theatre and re-iterates (through use of meta-devices) that we are in fact watching a play. These elements work so nicely and the students have a great warmth and ability to pull off the inherent comedy of utilising these devices.

My favourite of these 'meta-cutaways' if I can be bold enough to coin a phrase was the use of commercials throughout (the highlight being a satire of your average libra fleur campaign!) and the use of theatre critics who cut in to throw their two cents worth of opinion into the ring.

The cast of Sydney Theatre School students were enjoyable to watch presented moments of great comic timing and tender storytelling. Across the board this cast present well with great talent and potential.

The end result of What if?, is a greatly comic play about the 'what if' scenarios in life that is often greatly chaotic and fun to watch. The play, I mean, not life scenarios!

Sydney Theatre School presents
by Malcolm Frawley

Directed by Malcolm Frawley

Venue: Sidetrack Theatre, Marrickville
Dates: July 27 - 31, 2010
Times: 27th @7pm, 29th @ 9pm, 31st @ 7pm
Tickets: $25 full or $20 Conc
Bookings: www.sidetrack.com.au

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