The Best (and Worst of) Queenie Van De Zandt | Adelaide Cabaret FestivalRight - Queenie Van De Zandt. Photo - SWAP

To celebrate her 21st year in the business of show, Queenie Van De Zandt, with the support of two musicians takes her audience on a rollercoaster ride of the highs and many lows that any number of performers have faced.

Unlike most of her peers, however, Queenie is quite unashamed of showing some of the most intimate, embarrassing and often very funny events that have shaped her career.

Starting with a video montage we see Queenie develop from an innocent little girl with stars in her eyes to the seasoned performer working on some of the biggest shows in Australia.

From auditioning for all the wrong roles to being dumped by a boyfriend on the day she was due to leave a long-running show (to join him), a funny, sad trail of anecdotes emerges.

However, as the show delves into territories most performers would regard as no-go zones, Queenie manages to make some of these very personal and embarrassing situations incredibly vivid and painfully hilarious. The 'special needs' story will remain with me for a very long time.

If ever Queenie lost her fine singing voice, a career in performance comedy is guaranteed. The ability to tell these stories so honestly and with so much humour, yet remain so unselfconscious, is truly a gift.

2010 Adelaide Cabaret Festival presents

Venue: Banquet Room
Dates/Times: 12 - 13 June 6.15pm, 16 June 8.15pm
Bookings: Bass 131 246

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