This is a Play | theater simpleLettuce is a temperate plant of the daisy family and is typically eaten cold and raw in salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, and in many other dishes.

Lettuce also has a starring role in the US-based Theatre Simple’s hilarious spoof This is a Play now showing at The Odeon Theatre in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

In This is a Play writer Daniel MacIvor sends up actors by amusingly exposing what they think of themselves and others while they are performing. The technique is simple and effective. Three actors speak their thoughts out loud while outlining a plot of a play. The result is clever and hilarious.

This is a play within a play and therefore aptly named This is a Play.

Director Monique Kleinhans has adroitly pulled together this three-hander making the most of the humour.

Pamala Mijatov, Llysa Holland and Ricky Coates are the actors who so convincingly walk through their parts with exaggerated movements, outlining what they are supposed to be acting while at the same time speaking their thoughts. The dexterity required is deceptively simple and yet very, very difficult. This is no job for simpletons and all three hit the mark with highly amusing accuracy.

The only criticism is that at half an hour long this play is way too short. What has all of this got to do with lettuce? Well that would be giving away the plot!

theater simple presents
by Daniel MacIvor

Director Monique Kleinhans

Venue: The Odeon Theatre | 57A Queen Street, Norwood, SA
Dates/Times: 10 - 13 March @ 5pm
Matinee: Wed 10 Mar @ 12pm
Bookings: Fringe TIX – 1300 374 643 |

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