Food Court | Back to Back TheatreFood Court is a thought provoking production that proves cutting edge theatre is alive and well in the Adelaide Festival.

Back to Back Productions has explored the nature of power in this contemporary production. Power is a dirty word – probably because power is so often abused.

In Food Court an innocent woman is judged and found guilty of sins not committed. She is relentlessly bullied by two other women. This is a slow and menacing production building momentum. Notch by notch levels of discomfort build aided by the discordant original music by The NecksChris Abrahams on piano, Tony Buck on drums and Lloyd Swanton on bass.

The actors - Sarah Mainwaring, Sonia Teuben, Nicki Holland, Mark Deans and Scott Price – portray an unsettling level of subdued violence as the young woman is victimized. Much of the name-calling and abuse starts as an unprovoked attack on the woman’s eating habits and weight. The woman, clearly slim, is judged fat and ugly. She is silent throughout, unable or unwilling to defend herself. The play, intertwined with the music, reaches a crescendo that is disturbing and thought provoking.

Questions are raised that are relevant to a contemporary audience living in a society that is obsessed by food and body image, and in which bullying comes in many shapes and sizes.

Food Court challenges and unsettles. It premiered at the Melbourne International Arts Festival and has toured to Geelong, Sydney and Brussels. As such it is an apt choice for the Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Adelaide Festival 2010
Back To Back Theatre with The Necks

Director Bruce Gladwin

Venue: Dunstan Playhouse | Adelaide Festival Centre, King William Road, Adelaide
Dates: 3 - 6 March 2010
Times: Various
Tickets: $49 - $35
Duration: 1 hr 5 mins (no interval)

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