The Mysteries of Love | MikelangeloMikelangelo, the cabaret artist best known for his work with the Black Sea Gentleman, presented, with his partner St.Clare, an interesting program of original songs at the Butterfly Club in mid January.

The duo look a little like members of the Whittle Family, he burly and saturnine, and singing in a subdued Johnny Cash-like bass, and she dressed like Ronee Blakley playing Barbara Jean in Altman’s film Nashville, a dreamy Southern belle with a sweet, dated style.

Accompanying themselves on piano and guitar, the pair present a number of gentle lovesongs stronger on style than substance, highlights of which were ‘Starry-Eyed Boy’ ‘A Double Life’, ‘Come to the Ball’ and ‘I’m On Fire’. The program is pleasant enough, a little wandery, but with a certain mild, ethereal charm.

The friendly atmosphere but confined stage of the Butterfly Club probably doesn’t do them justice, and it would be good to see them in a more expansive setting, on a cooler night.

The Mysteries of Love
featuring Mikelangelo with special guest Saint Clare

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 204 Bank St. South Melbourne
Dates: Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th January 9pm
Tickets: $22 full / $17 concession (and gps 8+)