Pyjama Girl | Ladykillers and VitalstatistixPyjama Girl is a meditative and profound piece of theatre that gently exposes the myths and realities of violence between men and women.

If this sounds like a paradox, then it is one that works. In softening the images, telling the story through dance and song and alternative methods the message is powerful.

The basis is a famous 1934 criminal case – the Pyjama Girl mystery, one of the most baffling unsolved murder cases in Australian criminal history. The Pyjama Girl was an unknown woman, brutally murdered and found dumped in yellow silk pyjamas by a road near Albury in 1934. To this day mystery and controversy surround this case.

Ladykillers has taken the mystery and broadened its concept, exploring the relationship between men and women. Director Ingrid Voorendt has ensured that the production is profound in all aspects. The sound, lighting, music, set and costumes all blend like a finely tuned orchestra gently supporting the actors in conveying the potent and poignant story.

The performers Astrid Pill, Jo Stone and Stephen Sheehan skillfully weave their way through this production dancing, singing, miming, story telling and evoking.

Zoe Batty and Jed Palmer’s music is moving and compelling, a feature on its own.

Gaelle Mellis’ design ensures that the black and white images of the 1930s, as well as the colour yellow, are a visually rich enhancement.

However, this is no black and white production. The edges are blurred, softened and evoke as many questions and stir as many emotions as the original case itself. Violence between men and women echoes through the decades as this modern theatrical musing blurs the boundaries between the 1930s and today.

This is theatre minus narrative. This is theatre that resonates at a deep level.

A Ladykillers Production presented by Vitalstatistix in association with Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE program
Pyjama Girl

Director Ingrid Voorendt

Space Theatre | Adelaide Festival Centre
Dates/Times: 8:00 pm | Preview 9 December. 10 –12, 15 –19 December
Tickets: Adult $25, Conc $21, Group (6 or more): $22
Bookings: BASS 131 246 or

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