Mr Freezy | Arena Theatre Company & Men of SteelMr Freezy makes an artform of playing with food – a concept fascinating to children who are constantly warned to mind their manners.

The child audience seems enthralled as three performers turn icecream utensils into puppet personalities.

Phil McInnes, Tamara Rewse and Sam Routledge each take on the different personalities of a scoop, a scraper, peeler and other such kitchen utensils.

Their ludicrous romp around a versatile icecream shop set has every reason not to work. The line between facile and fascinating is at times very thin, and yet the talented trio pull it off as the different utensils take on a character, voice and life of their own.

This is a zany, fun-filled concoction that tells the story of Scoopy’s journey to Prong City to save Mr Freezy. The characters meet along the way and the mayhem that ensues is silly and inventive. And yet there is an underlying moral to the story. This is a tale about finding a place to fit in, having the courage to take the adventurous path and eventually belonging.

To the children’s delight this puppetry production is very, very messy. Director/Co-Creator Chris Kohn has thrown out any vestige of tidiness, containment and orderliness in favour of imagination and chaos. This messy anarchic streak is one of the main appealing features of Mr Freezy. Its very naughtiness captures the imagination from the get-go.

Another strength is the lack of verbiage. Sound and light are used more than dialogue and the result is an appealing production that could travel anywhere, and has.

Windmill presents an Arena Theatre Company Production in collaboration with Men of Steel
Mr Freezy

Director Chris Kohn

Venue: Space Theatre | Adelaide Festival Centre
Dates: 27 October 2009 - 31 October 2009
Tickets: $19 - $14
Duration: 40 Mins

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