Ross NobleIf the extroverted, attention-thriving, entertaining personality type ever needed a poster child, Ross Noble would be the man for the job. From the moment he and his hair ran onstage, Noble relished the spotlight and thrived on the laughter – and there was plenty of that.

The round stage set in the middle of the room and giant screens at Challenge Stadium meant every seat was fairly close to the action. Regardless, Noble never faced one way for long, staggering about the circular stage like a madman and bouncing about on the tips of his toes, visibly working up a sweat with his hilarious antics.

Unlike many comedians, Noble didn’t rely on anecdotes from his personal life, although he briefly mentioned the recent loss of his home in the Victorian bushfires and his new status as a father. Instead he bantered and engaged with the audience from start to finish, opening with half an hour of jokes about latecomers and finishing with answering questions from the crowd.

Noble says he does minimal preparation before his shows and after Wednesday night, it’s entirely believable. He seemed to lurch from one topic to another – as varied and random as gerbils strapped to nannas’ feet, scanning testicles through the supermarket checkout, profiteroles for eyeballs and annoying baby clothes store people – occasionally coming back to finish off his stories.

After the interval, Noble used items that had been dropped on stage by fans to generate more laughter. A fruit muesli bar occupied the first 15 minutes, with one audience member - Wayne – eventually securing the bar but then getting a little too bold in his heckling and ending up being the fodder for many ensuing jokes.

Noble finished on schedule at 10.30 pm but generously continued to take questions from the audience. It was a full crowd – a testament to the fan base he has built up in Western Australia over the years – and he entertained with every trick in his bag – voices, dances, energetic rants, over-the-top recollections and across-the-board hilarity.

Ross Noble
The Arena Tour

18 Jun Adelaide Entertainment Centre SA
19 Jun Acer Arena NSW
20 Jun Brisbane Entertainment Centre QLD
24 Jun Challenge Stadium WA
27 Jun Hisense Arena (formerly Vodafone Arena)

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