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Wilosophy | Wil AndersonWil Anderson has become something of a household name in Australian comedy and most Australians will be familiar with his work as host of, first, ABC TV’s The Glass House and now the phenomenally successful, The Gruen Transfer. He’s also enjoyed a successful parallel career on national radio too, and if the audience at the sold-out opening night of his new show, Wilosophy was anything to go by, his appeal clearly extends to a broad demographic.

At age 35, and by his own admission, Wil Anderson has become something of an old hippy. His success shouldn’t suggest that he has in any way “sold-out” (other than at the Box Office!) or that he’s becoming sentimental in his old age, not at all. In fact it’s his no-nonsense approach and his ability to pierce through the jargon and the BS that makes him such a perfect choice to host a show about advertising. But whereas on television his one-line interjections into intellectual debate can at times appear arrogant and smarmy, in this longer format on stage he’s able to reveal a generous, more open, more rounded personality.

In the aptly titled Wilosophy, he offers his thoughts on a plethora of modern subjects – some of them more predictable than others. His interest in current affairs is evident, as much of the material focuses on recent events both in Australia and abroad. The Global Financial Crisis, the kayrudd stimulus package, childhood obesity, Facebook. But he also touches on topics you might not normally expect in a comedy routine – euthanasia, abortion, his pride and genuine amazement at the response of the public to the Victorian Bushfires. And while he is more than capable of collecting laughs from seemingly any topic, in this show the humour is underpinned with an extremely healthy and uncluttered world view.

If you’re only familiar with Wil Anderson through his work on TV, Wilosophy might come as a bit of a surprise. But more than that, with Wilosophy, he’s crafted a very clever, very funny, and at times surprisingly moving performance.

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Wil Anderson

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