Living the Dream | Jeff Green

Living the Dream | Jeff GreenVeteran UK comedian Jeff Green is well known to Australian audiences having regularly performed here since 1996. Indeed, as he tells us in his latest show, Living The Dream, it was at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 10 years ago, in the very same building that he is now performing, that he met the woman who was to become his wife.

A lot has happened in that time – in between numerous world tours as a stand up comedian, he got married, had a number of his own TV specials, he’s written 3 books, had 2 kids (not necessarily in that order), moved to Australia, and now lives in Melbourne. Windsor, to be precise. And now that he’s a resident, his gentle jibes at Australia have a little more substance – he’s got real dirt on us. He knows about Northland.

Living The Dream is very loosely based on his journey to becoming an Australian citizen. It covers his early attempts to impress his then girlfriend on a DIY canal boat trip in England; the “Interview” – convincing Australian authorities that he was in fact in a genuine relationship and not just trying to smuggle fruit; test driving at Car City and getting lost in Rosanna. But as I say, this narrative provides a very loose framework for the show, and offers Green plenty of opportunity to engage the audience, regularly diverting off topic.

Consistently one of the UK’s most popular comedians of the past decade (and more), Green’s material isn’t exactly cutting edge today, but nor is that his intention. Indeed when the young couple next to me asked “Who’s Leo Sayer?” after one particular gag, it was clear there was a generation gap emerging. His observations are drawn from his own personal experience and as he has grown up – so have his stories. There’s none of Ross Noble’s randomness or Dylan Moran’s acerbity. His is a gentle, well thought out, quiet-spoken wit, which occasionally bubbles over and takes you into places you weren’t quite expecting, but for the most part its pretty familiar territory – cats and dogs, love and relationships, domestic bliss (or otherwise) - perhaps not that surprising from the author of “The A-Z of Living Together” and “The A-Z of Having a Baby”. His observations are…well…blokey, or rather they represent a largely male point of view, but not in a raucous, laddish way, and he has a certain natural, understated, charm that sneaks up on you.

This is an enjoyable, solid hour of laughs from a Comedy Festival favourite. And from now on, a Melbourne local.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival presents
Jeff Green
Living the Dream

Venue: Melbourne Town Hall (Lower Town Hall) | Cnr Swanston & Collins Sts, Melbourne
Dates: 2 - 26 April
Times: Tue-Sat 7pm (no show Wed 15), Sun 6pm & Mon 8.15pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Prices: Full Fri & Sat $32, Full Wed, Thu & Sun $30, Concession $25 (N/A Sat)
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 | at the door
Sign Interpreter: Wed 22 April

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