Time Ninjas | Lawrence Leung and Andrew McClelland

Time Ninjas | Lawrence Leung and Andrew McClelland
Lawrence Leung
and Andrew McClelland have been friends for years, and their obvious ease and rapport is apparent in their latest show, Time Ninjas.

A chaotic look at history (or something), much of it, however, seems under-rehearsed, relies on far too many props, and doesn’t go anywhere in particular. When you come right down to it, all the youthful good-humour, funny voices and rueful ad libs in the world can’t rescue the thin material and decided lack of substance.

Leung and McClelland seemed to have fun, some in the audience did too, but many didn’t.

Needs a bit more work, guys.

The Paradoxical Adventures of Lawrence Leung & Andrew McClelland – Time Ninjas

Venue: Trades Hall - New Ballroom | 2 Lygon St, Carlton Sth
Dates: 1 - 25 April
Times: Tue-Sun 8pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: Full $24, Concession $19
Bookings: 9775 3797 | at the door | comedyattrades.com.au

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