Let the Kid Go | Dave Bushell

Let the Kid Go | Dave Bushell
What happens when you ‘embrace’ life? If you’re Dave Bushell, you get ‘masturbated at’ on a Spanish mountain, crawl through the streets of Barcelona after being maced by prostitutes, punch a girl in the face on stage, make a magic mushroom smoothie… and then go on Deal Or No Deal to try and win your girlfriend back (thankfully, not the one you punched!). Bushell has discovered what it really means to ‘dance likes no one’s watching’ (while he was high on his magic mushroom smoothie in a trance nightclub), and, as he puts it, has realised it can hurt like buggery.

A short, blonde-haired, snoopy t-shirt wearing ball of energy, Bushell possesses an electric vein-popping enthusiasm. He has an easy presence on stage, directly engaging with his audience, making us laugh at, with, and for him. His long breathless tangents reveal a keen wit and insight, as well as a funny fascination, and experimentation, with sex and drugs. He is an incredible storyteller, with incredibly wacky stories to tell. But behind the wackiness, there is a lovely honesty and sincerity – he actually thought he could win his girlfriend back by winning Deal Or No Deal. He is the Slumdog Millionaire underdog who did not win the girl or the million dollars. Bushell’s self-deprecating ability to laugh at himself and the world is delightful.

In a continued effort to ‘embrace’ life, Bushell has just quit his office job. I can’t wait to hear of his adventures.

Dave Bushell
Let the Kid Go

Venue: Trades Hall - The Evatt Room | 2 Lygon St, Carlton Sth
Dates: 1 - 25 April
Times: Tue - Sat 7.45pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: Full $20, Concession $18
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 | Venue Bookings 9775 3797 | at the door

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