Her Greatest Hits | Fiona O'Loughlin

Her Greatest Hits | Fiona O'LoughlinFiona O’Loughlin says she has put all her greatest hits into one show purely because she’s lazy, and it makes sense; she “refuse(s) to do housework between the hours of nine and four” because she finds it “pointless unless (she) has an audience,” and she was shattered when the doctor told her she did not have chronic fatigue – because it meant she would finally have to get off the couch!

For the past two consecutive years, O’Loughlin has been nominated for the Barry Award for the most outstanding show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and her ten or so years of touring experience is evident. The most lovely thing about O’Loughlin is that she shares her stories as if she were telling them to friends at a dinner party and their recollection and telling seem to amuse her almost as much as her audience.

For Her Greatest Hits O’Loughlin gets the audience to shout out some of their favourite O’Loughlin stories. These stem from growing up in a very large Catholic family, moving to and living in Alice Springs as a child bride, and her own children (five of them to be exact). Her portrayals of her pessimistic mother, her obsessive compulsive brother and her anorexic sister, are all so naughty, but just that little bit less offensive because she is poking fun at her own flesh and blood (apparently).

The idea is that the telling of these favourite stories will make up the night’s show. More often than not she seems to start telling them and then goes off on a tangent, but the beauty of O’Loughlin is that each tangent is a story itself, engaging and amusing. The audience are never left wondering where she, or the story, is going.

On this particular evening the requested ‘Ute’ story, despite several starts, never really eventuates. According to O’Loughlin this is because it’s not terribly interesting and because she can’t be bothered telling it. The requested ‘netball’ story and ‘Uncle Euge’ story get a look in and both are very entertaining. The highlight however is the requested ‘chemist’ story, involving dinner at the house of a well-to-do family in Alice Springs and her purchase for the occasion of a brand new grey pleated skirt with peach daisies and a matching top. Although very tempting, it would be grinch-like to say more.

Toward the end of her show O’Loughlin says, “I might be lazy but I’m not stupid.” Her hilarious story that leads up to this statement, and indeed the rest of the material, is certainly proof of this and more. So, while the audience trudge up three flights of stairs from the main entrance of the Melbourne Town Hall to the Supper Room to claim their seats, you can imagine that O’Loughlin, chuckling not so quietly, simply caught the elevator, all the way up.

Fiona O’Loughlin
Her Greatest Hits

Venue: Melbourne Town Hall (Supper Room)
Dates: 2 - 12 & 16 - 26 April (not Mondays), Previews 2 & 3 April
Tickets: Fri & Sat $40.00 (No Con)
Wed, Thu & Sun $35 / Laugh Pack & Tue $30 / Previews $25
Times: 7.15pm Tue - Sat, 6.15pm Sun
Bookings: Ticketmaster 1300 660 013 & comedyfestival.com.au

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