Tennis Elbow | DislocateAs part of the entertainment at the Australian Open, this family circus is performing every afternoon. The little kids are sitting on the floor of the Spiegeltent in a semicircle, the bigger kids and parents on the seats behind them. For the audience it is a cool refuge from the tennis. For the trio of performers that make up the physical theatre company Dislocate – DJ, Geoffrey and Kate – the heat is on. Unlike on the tennis courts, there is no room for error, and the stakes are high in this funny, dangerous and entertaining show.

Each performer has a well-defined character. DJ, as his name suggests, is master of ceremonies, the cock sure strongman in the balancing acts and daredevil artist on the aerial straps. Geoffrey is the bumbling, insecure fall guy. And Kate is the effervescent loveable girl who comes up smiling every time: I’m allright! They deliver their tried and tested show 3-Speed Crunch Box, strong on character, narrative and humour and thrilling in tumbling, balancing acts and aerial display. The pratfalls are almost as numerous and almost as clever as the perfectly executed tumbling acts, all designed to build up expectation for the big act, the 3-Speed Crunch Box.

The show is entertaining for adults and children and both are included in the audience participation. Even a babe in arms stares fascinated at the clowning and aerial work on straps, rope and tissue. To see circus performed at such close range with minimal lighting, no miking and only one set of costumes is both impressive and fascinating. You can see it all: every bead of sweat, every laboured breath and every twist of the strap around the wrist before a death-defying act. Yet the intimacy and good humour makes light of the work involved. There are no cups and no big money for the players here, but they are champions.

Tennis Elbow Family Circus
3-Speed Crunch Box

Venue: Spiegelworld | part of the Australian Open Live Entertainment program
Dates: daily until Monday 26 January
Time: 3.30pm
Duration: 45 minutes
Tickets: adult $19.90, child 15 and under $9.90 (entry to Australian Open is extra)
Bookings: or


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