Bred to Perfection | Accidental ProductionsThe young contemporary company, Accidental Productions, has gone to the dogs with its latest show Bred To Perfection.

The talented crew is barking mad to have chosen this Dutch satire. Bred To Perfection by Ko van den Bosch is deliberately provocative and although funny at times, it is mostly just offensive.

Muslims, Astrologers, Cancer sufferers and Gym enthusiasts amongst others are lampooned in a series of eleven short segments during which dog lovers gather and converse on a field.

The characters are extreme caricatures and somehow this production seems to be in bad taste, never more so than during the piece entitled “Larry the Certified Idiot” in which a mentally disturbed patient has escaped the locked ward.

Director and Translator Joh Hartog and the cast have done their best to portray the wacky humour in a Pythonesque manner, but the absurdity mostly misses its mark.

Alice Darling and Stephanie Pinnock set the tone and raise a few laughs in the opening segment “Race Race You’re your Boat” parodying racial integration. However, even this satirical slice seems more like a nightmarish reincarnation of Pauline Hanson with much better left unsaid.

Mark Fantasia and Robert Tompkins are in fine form, as is Dave Hirst, all reveling in the chance to flex their comic muscles. Jessica Barnden once again proves her acting talents in “Leggings” and other segments.

However, one is left with the feeling that the cast’s talents are wasted. As the Australian Idol judges are heard to repeatedly state “it is all in the song choice”, the same can be said for Accidental Productions' canine capers.

Accidental Productions presents

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