Wilosophy | Wil AndersonIt was obvious from the moment he strolled onstage that Wil Anderson was preaching to the converted – hecklers greeted him from the start like an old friend and the crowd needed no warming up. But as a first-time ticket-holder to one of Anderson’s shows, I wasn’t surprised at his brand of self-deprecating Aussie stand-up so much as at his surprising candour and ability to hold the packed Octagon Theatre in the palm of his hand with his energy and force of personality.

Much of the show’s material centered around Anderson’s recent break-up with his girlfriend of six years. Like most comedians he was happy to divulge details of his personal life, sharing details of the relationship’s demise with a room full of strangers. Like the devastating revelation that she had found him to be a bad communicator – “but I communicate for a living” – something he saw as akin to Jamie Oliver’s wife saying she needed to be with someone who could cook well. Relationships always provide good fodder and Anderson found plenty to tap into, sharing cute stories about his own parents’ relationship and discussing how dating couples presented the best versions of themselves in a bid to convince each other of their merit.

He didn’t steer away from taboos – managing to mention anal sex, golden showers, fat kids and incest during the course of the night, proving that the things you shouldn’t talk about are also the funniest. The comic thought of John Howard having sex went down well – “I’ll do to you what I did to the country” – leaving some in tears.

Mainly, he seemed eager to convince everyone he was a total loser – 34 and single, living alone with three cats, watching Wife Swap while eating icing sugar and playing arcade games with the pizza boy on Friday night. No-one felt too sorry for him though – everyone knows funny guys always get the chicks.

Anderson ended with a moment of sobriety – I guess this was the philosophy part – where he said that after losing the girl he loved, he’d realised how important it was to be liked for what you’re really like. The crowd swallowed awkwardly and laughed a little too hard when he ended with a final gag. All in all, the hour or so spent in his company went by very quickly with laughs a-plenty.

Wil Anderson

Venue: Octagon Theatre | University of WA, Nedlands
Dates: 16 - 18 October
Bookings: www.bocsticketing.com.au or (08) 9484 1133

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