Out In The Blue National Tour |  Jimmy BarnesAs a kid, I always believed that there were three great men in my life: my father, John Farnham, and Jimmy Barnes. As an adult, not much has changed, and on Friday 4th July 2008, I had the good fortune of being in the same room as two of them.

Jimmy Barnes is undeniably one of the greatest Australian rock icons. Ever since he burst onto the national scene in the late 70s with Cold Chisel, he has dominated the music charts with anthem hits including ‘Khe Sanh’, ‘Flame Trees’, ‘Cheap Wine’ and of course, ‘Working Class Man’. His popularity spans across generations, and even in my generation (people in their early 20s), you will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know the lyrics to legends like ‘Khe Sanh’, thanks to countless pub rock bands who love belting out the old classic. But while it is one thing to hear ‘Khe Sanh’ played in pubs, it is quite another to hear Jimmy sing it.

The power in Jimmy’s voice is difficult to describe. Listening to MP3s or CDs (or records, as my father did in his day), hardly does justice to the live event. Jimmy Barnes live is like plugging your iPod into the largest amplifier you can possibly find, and then jolting yourself with a defibrillator over and over again. It is loud and it is electric, and it surpasses all boundaries that you could possibly imagine. The crowd responds with vigour. Even in the usually fairly reserved Concert Hall in QPAC people were getting to their feet and singing and dancing throughout the entire concert. And when the first few notes of ‘Khe Sanh’ sounded through the auditorium, a unanimous standing ovation occurred, followed by much screaming and belting out of the lyrics – none of which could compare with Jimmy’s performance.

The first half of the concert Jimmy plays music from his new album, ‘Out in the Blue’.  While his music has lost none of its power, it is less gritty hard rock and more soulful and exploratory. He seems to have found some personal catharsis in several of the pieces, while others explore his lighter side, which he himself admits was not overly prevalent when writing this album. The second half Jimmy performs all the old classics from his Chisel days and solo career.

It is not just Jimmy Barnes who is amazing in this ‘Out in the Blue’ tour.  His band are equally talented.  Davey Lane, Ben Rodgers and Mark Punch on guitar, with the amazing James Gillard on base and acoustic guitars, give exhilarating performances that are just as entertaining as the lead singer. As Jimmy fondly jests, ‘we’re greedy, we have three lead guitars’. Tony Featherstone on Keys must have about fifteen fingers.  And then there’s Jacki Barnes – Jimmy’s son – on drums.  This young man has the talent and ferocity of his father, but with looks much more appealing for us younger fans. Jacki is not the only Barnes family member to support his father. Backing vocals are provided by Barnes’ daughter Mahalia, along with Tina Harrod, Juanita Tippins and Mr Percival – all of whom also performed as the support act in Mahalia’s band, The Soul Mates. Like her father, Mahalia can belt out a tune with just the right blend of fire and emotion that sets the audience sizzling in their seats. The Soul Mates’ original music, plus their brilliant reworkings of ‘You are my sunshine’ and ‘Proud Mary’ are an excellent starter for the night, and Jimmy must certainly be a proud father.

After thirty years, the man still has it. And he has passed it on to his children and family around him. After all Jimmy’s trials and tribulations throughout his life, it is evident that his family is the one thing that means the most to him. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of this historic musician’s tour, and to witness a man who had been an idol since childhood, enjoy a night basking in the music of another great idol. Love you Dad.

The Frontier Touring Company presents
Jimmy Barnes
Out In The Blue National Tour 2008
Special guest: Mahalia Barnes + The Soul Mates

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