A Compás! (meaning, To The Rhythm) is the latest expressive creation from the famous guitarist, composer, dramatist and mentor, Paco Peña. Expressive rhythm and improvisation form the collective pulse for this rendition of the Andulusian born musical genre and dance form called flamenco. The work is the refined, understated hermano (brother) to the sizzling contemporary production, Gala Flamenco which toured Australia in November 2007, also presented by David Vigo and Andrew Kay.

The Paco Peña Dance Company is comprised of three guitarists (Paco Arriaga, Rafael Montilla, and of course Paco Peña), female and male singers (Inmaculada Rivero and Jose Angel Carmona), a percussionist (Nacho López), and three tenacious dancers (the stallion-like, Angel Muñoz, the theatrical, Ramón Martinez and the lady with the striking jaw and physique, Charo Espino). Together, they are all simply beautiful to hear, and exhilarating to watch.

The rapidness within which Charo Espino plays the castanets accompanied by Paco Peña on guitar is charming. Of the solos, Martinez is scintillating in the more contemporary Alegrías at the close of the first Act, and Angel Muñoz is utterly sensuous and graceful in first, Suite, Guitarra y and then Soleá in the second Act. Surprising and musically imaginative is the interlude during which the guitarists play steel bricks with matching hammers, the dancers drum a table while the ladies clap ‘to the rhythm’. The best kept secret, Inmaculada Rivero dances with pure heart in the company’s playful farewell.

This member of the audience looks forward to the next Paco Peña instalment.

Paco Pena
A Compás! To the Rhythm

Venue: Hamer Hall | The Arts Centre, 100 St Kilda Rd
Date: Wed 8:00pm, 4 Jun 2008
Tickets: $69.00 - $109.00
Bookings: 1300 136 166 www.ticketmaster.com.au

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