Il Mio Amore | Mayhem ProductionsMayhem Productions presents Miss Klara McMurray in Il Mio Amore, the amorous adventures of ‘a vixen on the run’ from the law, reality, the country and her persistent suitor/accompanist. 

This is a very difficult show for me to review as I found the impact of it to be just so minor. It is not quite enough of anything that would help it to connect with the audience.  The script, on its own, would seem to have potential, but the timing and delivery of the performance lacked conviction and direction. Unfortunately Miss K stumbled over way too much of her dialogue, I don’t know if this was the result of nerves or she just didn’t know the lines, which is regrettable as, again, the script did have potential. Some of the lines should’ve got laughs, they were clever and had a nice amount of sauce, but the bulk of the audience was clearly disconnecting from the show throughout. I was even surprised to read that this show had been directed at all, as the impact of director Susan Alexopoulos also seemed to be lacking.  Il Mio Amore is accompanied by Captain Funk on guitar and his presence is a bit of a breath of fresh air. But cabaret should be so much more thrilling than this show is.

But I don’t want to give the impression that Il Mio Amore (My Love) is a bad show because it is not. It’s just not good either. I wanted to be swept up in exotic tales of prison break and holiday passion but the lackluster performance and production prevented this from happening for me. Miss K has a nice singing voice, the lighting was fine, the set and costumes did the trick, and the songs passed the time away with none standing out. It was an alright show. 

Mayhem Productions presents
Il Mio Amore (My love)
Klara McMurray

Venue: The Butterfly Club | 204 Bank Street, South Melbourne
Dates: Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 May
Times: Thurs – Sat at 7.00 pm; Sunday at 6.00 pm
Duration: one hour approx
Tickets: $20 full / $15 concession and for groups of 8 or more

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