From Little ThingsFrom Little Things explores the emotional journey of two lovers, one Anglo Australian (Aurora Kurth) the other Chinese (Joshua Erwin). In seeking to learn more about each other they reach back into their past histories, sharing their family stories, in an effort to understand each other and their place in today's world.

Aurora Kurth is multi-talented. An established singer and award-winning theatre maker and actor, her performances never fail to impress for their high energy and humour, let alone her singing voice. She has written, directs and performs this piece and is joined on stage by Joshua Erwin, an actor, gymnast, dancer and singer. Their performances bring to life the to-ing and fro-ing of lovers each searching out the other and the possibilities of their relationship. United as lovers they are nevertheless separated by vastly different cultural experiences and histories. As they reach out to each other across this divide their journeys of discovery, both of self and other, are revealed through story-telling, dance, music, song and martial arts.

The stage is bare except for a rectangular wooden box which proves to have multiple uses and the focus is fixed on the two performers who are well matched athletically - I loved the opening sequence where they do the tango and the quickstep to Chinese music - though Erwin is not as strong as Kurth vocally or dramatically. Generally the writing is strong, although I had a couple of problems with a phrase or too which came across as a little cliched. Sound and lighting work well. It's a big call to write, direct and perform and this piece would, I think, gain from having a director who is not a performer.

From Little Things is the inaugural production of the newly formed Australasian Chinese Theatre Company (The ACT), a company that aims to create theatrical performances that draw on both Chinese and Australian cultural experiences, ancient and modern. As such it is an interesting addition to independent theatre and hopefully will grow stronger bringing a new and different voice to local theatre.

The ACT (Australasian Chinese Theatre Company) Presents
From Little Things
Written by Aurora Kurth

Venue: Studio One, Northcote Town Hall | 189 High Street Northcote
Dates: May 1 – 10
Times: Thurs and Fri @ 8pm; Sat @ 6pm
Tickets: $20/$15
Bookings: 0410 490 270

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