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Like Lucy Guerin Inc's season of 'Love Me' earlier in the year, this showing of 'Aether' was a return season for Melbourne, however – as with all Guerin's works – it was well worth revisiting.

And not simply because the cast was a little different to the 2005 season (although naturally a change in line up does effect a work's energy and dynamics, adding interest in itself), but because of the delicious detail that tends to characterise Guerin's work. My appreciation of her craft increases with each work I see.

The clarity of this performance was just exquisite. Although difficult to pinpoint any specific tweaks that had occurred since I first experienced 'Aether' two years ago, it did seem a more cohesive work this time around, with stronger momentum.

'Aether' is divided loosely into two parts – the first dealing with the plethora of stimuli that bombards modern life and sensory overload; the second dramatising the frustration of a face-to-face communication breakdown, in spite of the electronic communication that abounds.

The physical realisation of these themes is absolutely beguiling to watch, beautifully capturing a certain state of mind, and is strongly supported by Michaela French's vivid and equally detailed motion graphics.

The second half of the work is genuinely poignant, but also really funny (unlike a great deal of contemporary dance, where attempts at humour too often fall flat), and at times a little black. Here, a star turn courtesy of dancer Antony Hamilton was just brilliant.

All six dancers – Hamilton together with Stephanie Lake, Harriet Ritchie, Lee Serle, Kyle Kremerskothen and Lina Limosani – are wonderfully dexterous movers and precise technicians, but equally, were engaging onstage personalities.

Lucy Guerin Inc. Presents

Venue: The CUB Malthouse, Merlyn Theatre
Dates/Time: 28 November – 1 December @ 7.30pm
Tickets: $30 / $20
Bookings: 03 9685 5111

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