Night Time #2 The foyer is alive with activity as I enter. A woman stands at a spotlit basin, which contains no water, “washing” her hands Lady Macbeth-style over and over. Across the floor, a man is folded into a small cage box, flanked by a globe and a large round fishbowl, complete with googly-eyed goldfish. Every now and then, a crazed-looking woman, clad in black and with ghostly makeup, zooms past on an old bicycle.

Night Time #2 is, as the name suggests, the second night of short works at Performance Space @ Carriageworks. The company runs one such night during each performance season, inviting artists to make submissions of short performances, installations and “inverventions.” These works are not housed within the theatre spaces, but rather take advantage of (and take over) the foyer space, offices, balconies, car parks and other nook and crannies within and around Carriageworks.

The set-up is excellent, and runs very smoothly. The large audience (by Performance Space standards) are split into groups according to the colour of a ribbon we were issued with at the box office. Our group’s very entertaining guide is Annette, who soon divulges her love of numbers, as she assigns us with one each. She is charming, with just the right mix of humour and gentle friendliness as she leads us around the venue. The route is organised so each group begins at a different place, and follows a path so as not to backtrack or bump into other groups. We begin sitting on cushions looking up at a dance piece, performed on stairs and balconies. Then we are led outside and around the back, where a P-plater careens into the space, and waxes lyrical about love while zombie-like women tumble from the car, legs first.

And the rest of the performances? Well, as can be expected, they are a little hit-and-miss. Not everything my cup of tea, but in the context of the night, this hardly matters. Carriageworks is a fantastic venue, and like many others I have often been inspired by the unique foyer spaces on previous visits. To see the whole place come alive for Night Time is truly invigorating. Not only is the foyer space used, but also we get a peek into the industrial corridors between theatres, and even the company’s offices. The event gives scope for the artistic possibilities of this venue to be explored, and the pieces that are most effective are those that are site-specific in the truest sense, using the limitations and features of each space to create something unique.

At the end of the night, all groups meet again in the foyer, and we are sent off into the night by a hilarious mismatching dance class-style routine, perfectly choreographed and performed in evening wear. The perfect end to an evening that is undeniably classy - but highlighted with a brash streak of perversion.

Performance Space presents
Night Time #2

Venue: CarriageWorks | 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh
Date/Time: Sun 27 May @ 7pm

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