Motor-Mouth and Suck-FacePhoto - Deryk McAlpin

Meet Blasko Tupper (Alice Boyle), she’s not your ordinary teenager. Her parents (Shaun Brown and Alex Burgess) are extremely eccentric, mad-scientists-a- part-of-a-secret-society kind of eccentric, but this time they’ve gone too far. This time, thanks to their meddling they’re going to cause the end of the world as we know it, and Blasko in a fit of teenage rebellion has decided she’s not going to let them do it. No instead she’s going to save the world one teenager at a time. How? By holding the party to end all parties that will end at 5am with Blasko blowing up all her friends and sending them into an alternate dimension when Al Gore is president of the United States.

We soon meet the rest of the gang who are invited to Blasko’s big bang and discover that they are every bit as weird and wonderful as Blasko and her parents are. There’s Motormouth (Patrick Wingrove-Lupton) and Suckface (Louris van der Geer) a nerdy couple who are so-in love that they don’t want to die without getting laid first. Then there’s Hilary (Stephanie Calthorpe) who is still in love with Motormouth declaring that she has to be with him because “I’m the one who’s stalking you”. There’s the school power couple Sarah (Caitlin Murphy) and Zach (Jay Haggert) who aren’t as perfect as they seem. A little romantic triangle has formed between Rainbow (Siena Stone), Hugo (Jack Matthews) and the tomboyish Tank (Laura Wheelwright). While Pluto (Sarah Garry) the local science whiz-kid contemplates her friendship with the laconic Piper (Celia McCarthy) and finally the school’s two cool girls Tiffany (Maggie Kus) and Demi (Grace Quealy) alternate between discussing clothing mistakes, dieting musts and Demi’s potential death from a peanut allergy.

As Blasko’s party begins we discover that she has locked all of her party-goers into her family’s Brighton mansion and electrified the fences to prevent any escapes. She also warns everyone that whatever the guests do, “Do not feed the parents”  whom she has captured and placed in a large cage. Of course things are bound to go wrong and her diabolical parents do escape and proceed one by one to turn the kids into Zombies. So now not only does each group have to face their own personal teenage drama, but they have to survive in a zombie horror film as well. Punctuating all of this is a myriad of musical songs which the cast lip-sync along with to help propel the story along. The songs vary from Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy, The Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun, Des’ree’s Kissing You (from Baz Lurmann’s Romeo + Juliet) to Free Radical’s finale You Get What You Give. A highlight being the “Bollywood Diversion” featuring a choreographed dance routine set to Bhangra music.

The performers really seem to be enjoying themselves on stage and each has their moment to shine delivering little moments of poetry or internal monologue that helps to develop their characters. Most of these thoughts and opinions seem to resonate deeply with the actors playing the roles and it feels as though they are drawn from the actor’s own experiences of being a teenager and contemplating the end of the world. The direction by Anthony Crowley and Danielle Carter is tight and wisely never lets up allowing the show to never lose its pace. The set design of an empty suburban pool by Evan Granger looks amazing and the lighting design (by Lisa Mibus) and the Video Art (by Brad Picken) compliments the set and the performers beautifully.

In short Motormouth and Suckface is a romp, a rollercoaster ride through the end of the world and beyond. The show is equal parts Dawson’s Creek, Night of the Living Dead and Maniac Mansion (an old computer game that oddly also features teenagers, mad scientists and an empty swimming pool). Most importantly though Motormouth and Suckface is a lot of fun and that’s the real reason you should be rushing to go and see it.

St Martins Youth Arts Centre proudly presents
An Apocalyptic Love Story
by Anthony Crowley

Venue: The Randall Theatre, St.Martins Theatre, 44 St.Martins Lane South Yarra
Preview: Tues May 15 at 8pm
Dates/Times: Wed - Sat May 16 - 26 @ 8pm, Matinee Sat May 26 @ 2pm
Tickets: $21.50 full, $17.50 concession, $15 members, $70 family - two adults & two children
Bookings: 9252 0760 or book online at

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