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The Debutante DiariesIt's 2 months, 2 days and 2 hours until the Deb...

Kate McLennan delivers this piece of comedy theatre with sufficient confidence and energy to win her audience over emotionally in this teenage story, centred on the preparation for and the actual experience of a Debutante Ball, described as the second biggest day in a girl's life next to her wedding day.


The dialogue is unequivocal, light hearted and serves its purpose: to take audiences back to their High School days (perhaps some further back than others). McLennan switches between 9 different characters during the one hour script fairly effortlessly, with some humorous and/or 'laugh out of shock' one-liners emanating from the various Debzillas.  


The show's impact and reach was evident after the show, as a group of teenagers were enthusiastically mimicking one of the character's verbal idiosyncrasies.   


Whether your Deb was a fairytale, a nightmare or a distant memory, The Debutante Diaries is an innocent and family friendly alternative to traditional stand up at this year's festival.

The Six presents
Written and performed by Kate McLennan

Venue: The Acacia Room
Dates: April 5th – 29th (No show Mondays)
Time: 9.30 & 8.30 Sundays
Tickets: Previews (April 5th- 8th)   $13, Full $18 Con $16, Tightarse Tuesdays $13      
Bookings: Ticketmaster or 1300 660 013
Website: for more information

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