GlowBandaged in white crepe, performer, Sara Black, twists her limbs with the precision of a surgeon’s knife to the hypnotic beeping of the industrial sonic landscape. The floor screen that is her stage as accurately generates linear shapes to outline each shift in her movement. This is humanity and technology in sheer harmony with each other. Unlike other performance art where digital video is simply played back, the light and images that are manifested in Glow are an impressive result of technology responding to the individual movements of the dancer in real time, thereby effectively making each performance totally unique.

Conceptualised and choreographed by Gideon Obarzanek, Artistic Director of progressive Melbourne dance company, Chunky Move, Glow is magically brought to life with software masterminded by Frieder Weiss. Weiss, who collaborates with German-based dance company, Palindrome, is the creator of EyeCon, a digital video motion tracking software. To compliment the potential and sharpness of Weiss’ creation, Obarzanek has choreographed a work that is mainly floor-based and which relies on extreme athletic agility. The 26 minute solo performance feels as invigorating as it is to watch.

While the visual kaleidoscope is sufficiently impressive, Obarzanek takes Weiss’ play of light a step further flipping the harmonious balance into a nightmare. Lines and shapes which once encapsulated Black’s lithe body, gradually morph into dark and foreboding shapes that lurk around her. The safe and hypnotic white noise by Luke Smiles descends into a cataclysmic percussive explosion that has more than a few of us shivering in our seats.

Glow is a stunningly innovative work that leaves you hungry for more. It takes you from awe and anticipation to panic and welcome relief and is proof that technology need not hinder performance.

The Studio at Sydney Opera House in association with Chunky Move present

Venue: The Studio | Sydney Opera House
Dates/Times: Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 March @ 6.30pm, 7.30pm & 8.30pm
Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 March @ 3pm, 4pm, 5pm & 6pm
Tickets: $12/$15
Duration: 26 minutes
Bookings: (02) 9250 7777 or

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