Hayden Burke

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Hayden Burke
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Quirk hisses at his audience mid show, “I’m like a snake… I am more afraid of you,” eyeballing us like a python. It is in these looks to the audience, and ability to generate tension and suspense through the storytelling that he holds the audience in his snake like trance.

Created: 14 April 2021
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You don’t need to flex your visual imagination muscle in the latest show from The Umbilical Brothers. Because two green screens, a lot of cameras, special effects, computer power and an onstage tech wizard named “Doug” do it for you.

Created: 12 April 2021
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This absurdist comedy duo take you on a non-linear run from the mob to Italy and back in order to save themselves from digging their own graves.

Created: 08 April 2021
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If you like your comedy on the darker, self depleting side then this gig should be on your comfest itinerary.

Created: 03 April 2021
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Many comedians have been delving into personal struggles on stage, revealing truth and darkness which in turn, evokes both tears and laughs from the audience. This is not one of those shows.

Created: 30 March 2021
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Yumi Umiumare and the BUTOHOUT! Ensemble elegenatly place, embrace, displace and reinstate their audience in and out of layered worlds from the box office till the bow.

Created: 28 March 2021
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Nicci Wilks delivers both physically and vocally filling the large fortyfivedownstairs warehouse space with ease in this one woman show.

Created: 15 March 2021
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Supreme Comedy

Supreme Comedy is a pizza with the lot, with some ingredients working better than others.

Created: 08 March 2020
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Polished song arrangements and well crafted stories filled with raw and disruptive content. A paradox.

Created: 30 January 2020
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If you enjoy more of an experience than a sit and watch, then Rust is right up your alley.

Created: 27 January 2020
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