Hayden Burke

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Hayden Burke
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The banal is made dangerous in this one man DIY circus.

Created: 03 October 2019
Hits: 286

If you like flips, tricks, circus routines, song and dance then this is the party to attend.

Created: 20 September 2019
Hits: 233

Searing words, focused choreography, bin liners and the struggle of living with lymes disease.

Created: 15 September 2019
Hits: 274

Emina Ashman transports us into a place of limbo, a potienally eternal pitstop to paradise.

Created: 25 July 2019
Hits: 327

A review, of a man's review of himself.

Created: 04 July 2019
Hits: 267

All of things, All of the time, All at once... too much and yet a true reflection of the internet.

Created: 25 May 2019
Hits: 205

Important topics, live issues, interactive discussion and video games? Yes please.

Created: 25 May 2019
Hits: 237

Maude Davey, Weave Movement Theatre, Pimpisa Tinpalit, Yumi Umiumare and Takashi Takiguchi team up and take you down the rabbit hole of this dance form.

Created: 04 May 2019
Hits: 347

In this world when somebody wants something from someone, it's all about how much they truly want it.

Created: 22 April 2019
Hits: 214

If you like Dungeons and Dragons see this show!

Created: 12 April 2019
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