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Hayden Burke
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The cast are truly talented but they are fendered in by the story and concept, only occasionally getting to flaunt their talent.

Created: 16 December 2021
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With bright characters wafting in from every direction. Director Ben Adams has cut up this comedic Shakespeare play into a palpable selection of tapas dishes and served it on a bed of roses, delicious.

Created: 10 December 2021
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The soul of this piece is not the clothes themselves but what is hidden or declared in reference to the garments and how the characters and the people in their lives remember them.

Created: 30 November 2021
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Iron Lung Theatre brings Melbourne audiences a nuanced rendition of Andrew Bovell’s “When The Rain Stops Falling”.

Created: 21 July 2021
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Opera lovers will get their fill of vibrato and resonance from the stand out performances of Helena Dix (Lady Macbeth)Adrian Tamburini (Banquo) and commanding presence of Samuel Sakker as Macduff.

Created: 22 May 2021
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A dance competition on steroids, Matador brings a mainstream top-of-the-pops version of a Spanish dance love story to Her Majesty's Theatre.

Created: 01 May 2021
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Quirk hisses at his audience mid show, “I’m like a snake… I am more afraid of you,” eyeballing us like a python. It is in these looks to the audience, and ability to generate tension and suspense through the storytelling that he holds the audience in his snake like trance.

Created: 14 April 2021
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You don’t need to flex your visual imagination muscle in the latest show from The Umbilical Brothers. Because two green screens, a lot of cameras, special effects, computer power and an onstage tech wizard named “Doug” do it for you.

Created: 12 April 2021
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This absurdist comedy duo take you on a non-linear run from the mob to Italy and back in order to save themselves from digging their own graves.

Created: 08 April 2021
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If you like your comedy on the darker, self depleting side then this gig should be on your comfest itinerary.

Created: 03 April 2021
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