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Phoebe Hartley
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The sensational spectacle that is Sweet Charity is back in Australia and as brassy as ever.

Created: 20 July 2007
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Circus Oz

If it’s raw entertainment you seek, peppered with tongue in cheek humour and powered by rock and roll, then you’ll feel right at home under this big top.

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Shrimp is more than merely a play. It is an experience: both an aural and visual journey, a travelogue, an autobiography of a life so far, an insight into the mind of a trans-racial adoptee and a tale told vividly with every part of his body

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Back to Back Theatre’s smash hit production returns in a whirlwind Australian tour, the sell-out of the 2005 Melbourne International Arts Festival and more recently the 2007 Sydney Festival.

Created: 08 March 2007