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I am an enthusiast of live entertainment, be it music, comedy, theatre, dance, big productions, small productions, and I love to dissect how performances work or sometimes don't work.
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Where’s My Money? is a play which seizes your attention, where the handful of protagonists speak with brutal and callous honesty, interwoven with lies and deceit.

Created: 27 November 2019
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Barnum The Circus Musical has been expertly re-imagined from the classic 1980’s musical hit for a new audience.

Created: 07 May 2019
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Circus Oz Rock Bang with Astrid and Otto is the kind of circus I would run away with.

Created: 28 November 2018
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Heather Bloom stars in her one-woman-show Anti-Heroine, where casting has begun for an undisclosed live action fairy-tale remake, and there is fierce competition for the role of the villain.

Created: 18 September 2018
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One night only Melbourne, James Cameron Mitchell writer, actor, performer, and philosopher with Amber Martin, and band presented The Origin of Love: The Songs and Stories of Hedwig.

Created: 11 July 2018
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The Substation in Newport has an industrial history which has been minimally (and respectfully) refurbished as an art space, that provided the ideal venue for Three Solos.

Created: 11 June 2018
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I walked into the State Theatre with high expectations for Oklahoma based on my previous experience with The Production Company’s work, and they certainly delivered with this production.

Created: 28 May 2018