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Dylan James
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In this co-production from Black Swan State Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre, love and loss are explored in a riveting performance that pulls out all the stops.

Created: 31 March 2017
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There are some beautiful young spirits in this cast, who attack each song with unbridled energy and enthusiasm. Their ability to hold both pitch and focus throughout a very warm performance was commendable.

Created: 06 March 2017
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Utilising a talent base of actors with disabilities, Back to Back Theatre aim to create contemporary performances based on the experiences and imaginings of participants and, in the process, devise works that hold more universal truths.

Created: 04 March 2017
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It is clearly an extraordinary work, performed by outstanding talent and composed with great thought and precision, but it is less of a shared experience between audience and performers, and more a polarising exercise in insular boundary-pushing.

Created: 03 March 2017
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It is dynamic, epic in scale and utterly fearless, both joyously painful and terribly uplifting.

Created: 27 February 2017
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Australia has undoubtedly been embroiled in a love affair with Vietnam over the past decade.

Created: 25 February 2017
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Burlesque has enjoyed a significant revival in recent years. It seems its combination of dance, comedy, circus, music, theatre and striptease with a variety-show feel has struck a chord with modern audiences.

Created: 06 October 2016
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You’ve heard the voices and you know the schtick, but seeing the comedians work their magic offers something new and more nuanced.

Created: 11 September 2016
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Black Swan State Theatre's latest offering is the Australian premiere of Clinton The Musical, which has traversed the stages of New York, London and Edinburgh before making its way to Perth.

Created: 02 September 2016
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Bad Girls: The Musical is a good night out, with strong vocal performances, a supportive ensemble, and some excellent moments.

Created: 07 August 2016
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