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Completely irreverent, absolutely hilarious, and socially pertinent.

Created: 25 February 2018
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If one were to summaries this production in a single word, that word might very well be “uncertainty”…

Created: 07 October 2017
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Technically speaking, this is not a complex play. However, so crisp and affective is the simplicity of the piece, that anything more would be needlessly complicated.

Created: 06 September 2017
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This is, quite frankly, one of the best shows that I have seen all year.

Created: 05 July 2017
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The gothic form seems to have gained a foothold in Australian theatres within recent years.

Created: 17 June 2017
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The carefully finessed skills in the acting and directing of this show is only apparent in one’s visceral response.

Created: 01 June 2017
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Centring on the relationship between the mother and son of a wealthy family in post war Britain, Coward’s play is simultaneously an account of shifting social norms and a rather well disguised moral tract.

Created: 07 November 2016
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Performed by an ensemble of Notre Dame University’s theatre students, and Directed by Paige Newmark, Perspectives is an original production devised collectively by the ensemble.

Created: 21 October 2016
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On the whole, this is a wonderfully creative and insightful production, and a great opportunity for the family to enjoy a piece of theatre together which everyone can enjoy on their own terms.

Created: 27 September 2016
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Ghost Stories is, just as its title suggests, a play about scary stories. But, more than this, it is an exploration of the human psyche.

Created: 24 September 2016
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