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Emily Shaddick
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shake & stir theatre co have risen to the challenge in a spectacular way and deliver Revolting Rhymes and Dirty Beasts with all the joy, delight and mutiny that is present in Dahl’s infamous work.

Created: 14 July 2019
Hits: 162

360 Allstars is a truly all star show that will knock your socks off.

Created: 08 July 2019
Hits: 167

Standing in a large circle at the Sydney Opera House, there are moments when the battle lines have been drawn and an almost gladiatorial mood fills the space.

Created: 08 July 2019
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After highly acclaimed performances all over the world, The Choir of Man, has arrived at the Sydney Opera House. Adoring fans, sell out shows and festival awards, put me in high spirits and ready to get raucous with the nine man vocal ensemble.

Created: 23 March 2019
Hits: 428

The Illusionists is a Broadway smash hit that continues its success live at the Sydney Opera House. Old tricks are given new life, new illusions raise the bar and a brilliant cast make their alchemy felt.

Created: 21 December 2018
Hits: 552
Stomp '18

Don’t miss STOMP – it will leave you feeling like the world is an unexplored adventure park, in which a satisfying sound is only one rubbish can or kitchen sink away.

Created: 02 August 2018
Hits: 572

The Great Illusionist had barely begun before young and old alike responded with delightful giggles. This simple joy was present throughout and was the real magic of the show. 

Created: 23 July 2018
Hits: 602

Although The Hunting of the Snark at the Sydney Opera House has borrowed some inspiration from the original story, it is hard to compare the two.

Created: 20 July 2018
Hits: 779

Oscar Wilde’s timeless stories are brought to life in this not to be missed production of Wilde Creatures.

Created: 09 July 2018
Hits: 1072

This production of Snow White is spectacular. Strong and sensual woman lead the way and this production will change the way you view this classic fairy tale.

Created: 08 June 2018
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