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Daniel Morgan Potts
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Director Thomas De Mallet Burgess and Conductor Erin Helyard finely balance the requirements of an original – newly discovered – score with the dramatic needs of a contemporary production. The results are superb.

Created: 07 July 2015
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Justin Burford doesn’t simply cover Cobain, he embodies him in a mimetic show which fuses storytelling and music to extraordinary effect.

Created: 04 July 2015
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Fault Lines is subtle, elegant, and thoroughly exquisite to behold.

Created: 13 June 2015
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B-GIRL is marketed as a rock-opera-odyssey but I think that's a stretch. It's really about the man: iOTA.

Created: 10 June 2015
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Watching this play last night at the Bondi Pavilion I felt an overwhelming dissonance between the quality of the production and the writing itself. Neighbourhood Watch is a text the themes of which exceed its details. Good in general and bad in particular.

Created: 31 May 2015
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So what would drive an amateur – what would drive a woman – into boxing? That’s at the heart of English writer Charlotte Josephine’s gutsy exploration of a woman in the ring, Bitch Boxer on now at The Old 505.

Created: 27 May 2015
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Interview transcripts, television media and political interviews are cleverly engaged to constantly shift our perspective throughout a largely engaging play.

Created: 22 May 2015
Hits: 1126

In The Unknown Soldier, Sandra Eldridge has written a play for young people about learning, relationships, and the possession of history.

Created: 18 May 2015
Hits: 1392

The House of Ramon Iglesia is both sincere and compassionate without giving way to false-answers or back-slapping. Between love and hope there is also failure and forgiveness.

Created: 16 May 2015
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Inspired by the 2008 loss of 5 billion Euro on the futures market by Jerome Kerviel, Trade is an unpolished allegory of moral and intellectual collapse.

Created: 14 May 2015
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