Benjamin Eltham

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Benjamin Eltham
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Raimondo and Adriano Cortese's Holiday is an unsettling and hilarious play.

Created: 14 August 2007
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Over three hours long, Rayson's script meanders between historical epic and contemporary melodrama with little focus

Created: 09 August 2007
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Rajendra Moodley
Melbourne Podcast

Rajendra Moodley is an actor, producer and playwright. His Bollywood-inspired play The Perfume Garden, is currently playing at Gasworks. He spoke to Ben Eltham about the current season of The Perfume Gardenand the challenges of...

Created: 09 August 2007
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Dorothy Hewett's great play of love, life and longing, The Chapel Perilous, springs stirringly to life in this courageous yet light-hearted La Mama production.

Created: 03 August 2007
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Weary: The Story of Sir Edward Dunlop is an attempt to dramatise Dunlop's remarkable story of courage and endurance.

Created: 25 July 2007
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David Brown
Brisbane Podcast

Next week the Queensland Theatre Company will premiere The Estimator - winner of the Queensland Premier's Award for Best New Drama, directed by Jon Halpin and starring Carol Skinner. Ben Eltham from Australian Stage talks to playwright David Brown in the lead-up to the opening of his new...

Created: 31 May 2007