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Peter Bleby
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If ever you have been a school teacher, or a Sunday school teacher, or a parent – or if ever you have been a child, you will love this play!

Created: 10 November 2018
Hits: 789

Some memories are closer to the truth than others, and some are firmly held to protect us from the truth we can’t face.

Created: 30 September 2018
Hits: 322

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all knew the rules for living? Or would it?

Created: 01 September 2018
Hits: 418

Wow!! Absolutely Wow!!

Created: 25 August 2018
Hits: 533

As a hugely popular 2007 science fiction film, The Man From Earth has quite a hurdle to mount to be as successful on stage.

Created: 17 August 2018
Hits: 452

George Frederic Handel’s Dixit Dominus is a challenge for any choir and orchestra, and when set next to Antonio Vivaldi’s Gloria, together they make a splendid program.  

Created: 21 May 2018
Hits: 1222

It’s a brave director who mounts a work addressing full frontally taboo issues like teen sex, masturbation, physical and sexual abuse, homosexuality, abortion, injustice, oppression of minorities and suicide.

Created: 12 November 2017
Hits: 748

The Fieri Consort is a skilled ensemble of sensitive, well-matched singers who have been together for five years.

Created: 20 August 2017
Hits: 1659

In these days when it is only too easy to re–present the famous and the familiar, it takes a director with courage and imagination to dig up something new and extraordinary.

Created: 23 June 2017
Hits: 1194

In this production, Director Geoff Brittain and his team of excellent actors does The Rep a real service, and gives the theatre-goers of Adelaide a true gift.

Created: 08 April 2017
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