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Kane Adrian
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Generating persistent howls of laughter, mischievous snickering at unexpectedly crass humour and visible tears from many in the audience, Holding The Man had it all.

Created: 06 March 2008
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As a dark and disturbing performance that poses difficult questions about victims and aggressors, Aalst succeeds wonderfully.

Created: 01 February 2008
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All Aboard

Utterly hilarious, sweet and never failing to impress, Greder’s show is as close to perfect as I’ve seen in quite some time.

Created: 17 November 2007
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As a stand-up comedian, Anderson is one of Australia’s best. As a socio-political commentator, he is bloody brilliant. It’s just a shame about that ego.

Created: 09 November 2007
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Sell-out shows on London’s West End, packed houses at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, New Zealand International and Melbourne Comedy Festivals - on paper, it was a sure bet. In reality, it was a little lighter than I’d hoped.

Created: 20 October 2007
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Multi-layered, exquisitely detailed and pleasantly surprising, this one-man show will leave audiences awestruck.

Created: 03 September 2007
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Broad 2007

As the third of Deborah Conway’s annual series, this year’s Broad debuted in Brisbane with Anne McCue, Sally Seltmann, Jade MacRae and Abbe May.

Created: 19 August 2007
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Stunning to look at, aurally entrancing and humorous in its own bizarre way, Matinya Toekang Kritik had all the makings of a great show. But unless you understand the language and the issues at hand, the overall point was clearly lost in translation.

Created: 09 August 2007
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Quirky, quick-witted and painfully honest, Josh Thomas fills a particular niche and expresses his insecurity with an ironic confidence.

Created: 06 August 2007
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Like a series of short films thrust into the arena of live performance, the concept was great and had me hooked well before the evening arrived.

Created: 13 July 2007
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