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Anna Locke
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Winners of the 2013 International Opera Awards ‘Chorus of the Year’, Cape Town Opera’s Voice of the Nation Ensemble wowed the Perth Concert Hall audience in their sold out PIAF 2014 show.

Created: 12 February 2014
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Not by Bread Alone is a profound theatre experience. An Australian exclusive from the Israeli Nalaga’at Deaf-Blind Theatre here as part of PIAF 2014, the show is at once poignant, funny, sad, harsh and beautiful.

Created: 09 February 2014
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Mies Julie is 90 minutes of intensifying tension, movement and raw passion played out on the Octagon stage, and a wonderful start to the theatre program of the 2014 Perth International Arts Festival.

Created: 08 February 2014
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When it comes to an intimate show with only three performers, unfortunately 2 out of 3 can make for an ordinary evening.

Created: 06 October 2013
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Forbidden Broadway is for anyone who has laughed at the inanity of musical theatre, misheard the lyrics, cringed at the campiness, and moaned at the length of Les Mis.

Created: 24 August 2013
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American playwright Jon Robin Baitz has written a tightly woven family drama full of American politics and the nuances of growing up in America in the 80s and beyond.

Created: 27 July 2013
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Tthe WA Opera (with the WA Opera Chorus and WA Symphony Orchestra) have produced a slick, likeable and polished production of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

Created: 18 July 2013
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Day One, A Hotel, Evening is fast paced, farcical, and for the most part, hysterically funny – assuming you’re not squirming in your seat in recognition.

Created: 21 June 2013
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The company have produced a 3+ hours ripping yarn that is funny, touching, revolting, and thought provoking, often all in the same scene.

Created: 08 April 2013
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On the first anniversary of the great lady of soul’s death, local band Stratosfunk are paying tribute to Etta James in a larger than life, high energy show Tell Mama: The Music of Etta James

Created: 23 February 2013
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