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lloyd bradford (brad) syke
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Mr K embraces cabaret in its broadest, truest sense, presenting a melange of comedy, song & dance.

Created: 05 November 2013
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Beck surprises and compels with her thoughtful, carefully constructed, subtle, unclassifiable songs, while Martinez thrills with her scintillating performance skills.

Created: 03 November 2013
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It's hard to know what to say about Emma Matthews that mightn't have been reflected before. Suffice to say, to restate the obvious, hers is a soaring, self-assured coloratura of the highest and finest order.

Created: 30 October 2013
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Hands up if you can name more than one or two Nancy Sinatra songs? You'd probably be in a minority. But there's more to Nancy than boots and walking, or something stupid.

Created: 19 October 2013
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Katz and Russell make a devastating duo and I can't imagine any better way to take a headlong plunge into the Rhine, or walk along its banks.

Created: 10 October 2013
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If you've ever been to a convention, conference, congress, colloquium, seminar, tutorial, brainstorm, workshop or breakout session, you'll have something to laugh at, somewhere between the mission and vision statements.

Created: 11 September 2013
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Friday is, essentially, a political satire and the timing could hardly be riper. When we enter the fray and melee, we gather there's been a (yawn!) sex scandal, spicily consummated on the Premier's desk.

Created: 07 September 2013
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Independent productions of Shakespeare are ambitious at the best of times and Sydney Shakespeare Company's The Merchant of Venice proves no exception.

Created: 02 September 2013
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I've a confession. I love the Australian Chamber Orchestra so much, my partner's getting jealous. She's understandably worried my love for it may be greater than my love for her.

Created: 28 August 2013
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Look. I'll be honest. To the best of my recollection, I'd never heard of Jenny Biddle. Until 'round about now. And that's a crying shame.

Created: 15 August 2013
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