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Simon Eales
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The effect is a slick and satisfying piece of theatre that is most remarkable for its refreshingly clear and impactful representation of the philosophy of aesthetics, and the mind of the artist.

Created: 27 March 2012
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The song that goes, "Istanbul was Constantinople, now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople," has been on such high rotation in my head since this show that the words don't sound like English anymore.

Created: 08 March 2012
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Cy*bent*ity has the scope to be really, very scary. If you 'friend' its central character, Polly Wolly, on facebook, and then see the show, you have no idea what she could dig up.

Created: 08 March 2012
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The piece is about a man in self-destruct mode. It's like Steve McQueen's recent film, Shame, without the thinking space and with added cigarette burns.

Created: 07 March 2012
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If you haven't seen him, you should. He has cult status. This is mainly because he does comedy that others don't have the balls to do.

Created: 06 March 2012
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Theatergroep WAK, from the Netherlands, returns to this year's Fringe following their triumphant Best Theatre Production award-winning 'Nothing is Really Difficult' at the 2011 Fringe. With LevelLess, the group bring their signature playfulness and innovation. WAK always strive to do the...

Created: 06 March 2012
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Gentle's characterisations of some Aussie stereotypes are pretty spot on, and draw laughs repeatedly from the audience.

Created: 06 March 2012
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This rendition of The Farce of Sodom, most likely written by the infamous Earl of Rochester in the late 17th century, excites very little movement of the loins.

Created: 03 March 2012
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Reid improvises freely and, throughout her 30 minute piece, aims to break traditional notions of the performer/audience divide.

Created: 03 March 2012
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Their show is replete with spot-on, witty, and off-the-cuff raillery. And plenty of other stuff too. Their skits are random, playful, and packed-full of personality. They interact with the audience easily and commit impressively to some risky material.

Created: 03 March 2012
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