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Rebecca Whitton
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Once is a wonderfully uplifting and touching musical. It is both an ode to Irish culture with its stirring, emotional music, humour and warmth, and a call to be brave; to seize the day. This combination is what makes the show feel so inspiring.

Created: 30 June 2022
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The privilege of watching the thrilling skill, precision and exuberance of the Sydney Dance Company palpably rippled through the audience on the opening night of Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela’s Ab [Intra]

Created: 04 June 2022
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Sydney Dance Company’s latest double bill is hugely entertaining, combining the wry humour of Alexander Ekman’s very accessible Cacti with an exploration of darkness in Rafael Bonachela's new work, Lux Tenebris.

Created: 02 March 2016
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The Blind Giant is Dancing conjures an image of an enormous, unwieldy, dangerous and mischievous creature, set to cause havoc. Is the giant capitalism or is it the self doubt in us that drives the need for approbation and power, whatever the cost?

Created: 21 February 2016
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This magnificent adaptation is a play on a grand scale. An extraordinary creative team collaborated to bring this epic novel to the stage.

Created: 08 February 2016
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The Lysicrates Prize, now in its second year, is the brainchild of Sydney philanthropists, John and Patricia Azarias. It invokes an ancient Greek tradition from the Festival of Dionysos: the audience watches the first act of three shortlisted plays and votes to choose the winner.

Created: 30 January 2016
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It is an enigma that The Fantasticks, nowplaying at the Hayes Theatre, could be the longest running musical theatre show in New York, playing for 42 years from 1960 and then a revival in 2006 that is still running.

Created: 15 January 2016
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Craig Silvey’s popular and highly awarded young adult novel, Jasper Jones, has been superbly transformed into an enormously entertaining play.

Created: 09 January 2016
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The four new works that comprise the 2015 season of New Breed – presented by Sydney Dance Company and Carriageworks – each have a distinctive style, ranging from poetic to whimsical and dramatic.

Created: 09 December 2015
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Rush presents a fine madness, losing his mind, his bearings and his pants, and Nevin plays a nifty fool, a cocky bantam of a bloke, looking and sounding like a country race meet bookie.

Created: 01 December 2015
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