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Amanda Tyler
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Jimeoin is a thinking man. He is also a funny man, but without the accent, he’s a thinking man.

Created: 31 March 2009
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No messing around here – this gutsy adult’s only adaptation of the ballet Giselle is amazing and not a tutu in sight.

Created: 04 March 2009
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If your Dad is your brother and your Mum is your grandma, life is pretty much guaranteed to be difficult.

Created: 27 February 2009
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It wasn’t bad, I wasn’t bored but it was necessary to sit through it in order for it to end. It didn’t rock my socks off. But don’t stop reading yet...it gets better.

Created: 09 September 2008
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Things like this do not usually happen to this reviewer…either someone spiked my drink, or ‘The Rusalka Thread’ is a damn fine piece of theatre. I highly suspect the latter.

Created: 28 June 2008
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The Chaser boys have been “striving for mediocrity in a world of excellence since 1999” and whether you love them or you hate them, they’re like tuberculosis; once you think they’ve quieted down, up they pop again. Currently touring with their new stage show, The Age of Terror Variety Hour,Andrew...

Created: 18 April 2008
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Romeo and Julia is lush, colorful and a real pleasure for the eyes and ears. Theatre Anpu don’t take themselves too seriously and that really is a delight.

Created: 08 April 2008
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Let’s just say that you have to go see this. Beg, borrow or steal the ticket money and go. Go twice.

Created: 15 November 2007
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Flatland is not necessarily a bad play – to read the script and interpret it for myself could be interesting – it’s just a slightly lazy attempt. It needed more "oomph".

Created: 04 October 2007
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Loveplay could be called Hate-play, Envy-play, Lust-play, Jealousy-play or Greed-play; all the emotions that aren’t always right to feel, but feel so good

Created: 21 September 2007
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