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Vivacious! | Australian Chamber Orchestra
Written by Sarah Green   
Tuesday, 09 September 2008 03:45
Vivacious! | Australian Chamber Orchestra
The Perth Concert Hall audience was pleased to see the pint-sized Russian-born blonde was every bit as gorgeous as promised.
The Best of the West End | MSO Pops
Written by Olympia Bowman-Derrick   
Monday, 08 September 2008 19:00
Jacinta Whyte
The Best of the West End presented by MSO Pops was the most fun I, and I think many audience members, have had in a long time
The Lonesome West | Tiny Dynamite
Written by Melita Pereira   
Sunday, 07 September 2008 10:52
The Lonesome West | Tiny Dynamite
The Lonesome West tells the story of Valene and Coleman Connor, two boisterously feuding brothers caught in a deadlock over the death of their father, potato crisps and figurines of the Virgin Mary.
Radio | Gemeinschaft Dogs
Written by Jack Teiwes   
Saturday, 06 September 2008 07:06
Radio | Tamarama Rock Surfers
Radio is a personal meditation on national themes.
The Girls Stand Up
Written by Simonne Michelle-Wells   
Tuesday, 09 September 2008 02:26
The Girls Stand Up
The girls certainly stood up on Friday night at the Comedy Lounge at the Charles Hotel.
Portraits of Modern Evil | The HotBed Ensemble
Written by Anna Locke   
Monday, 08 September 2008 04:21
Portraits of Modern Evil | The HotBed Ensemble
Confronting, thought provoking and full of talent – all that good theatre should be.
Architektin | State Theatre Company of South Australia
Written by Stephanie Johnson   
Saturday, 06 September 2008 07:19
Architektin | State Theatre Company of South Australia
The playwright is better known than the subject in Archtektin a heady intellectual expose of an Austrian architect. Both are inspirational women.
pool (no water) | Square the Circle
Written by Augusta Supple   
Friday, 05 September 2008 21:44
pool (no water) | Square the Circle
Simple and raw, pool (no water) reminds us of the power of the performer, of language and exposes the ugliness of competition. A very provocative piece of theatre and sometimes a little too close to the bone.

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