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Return to Greatness | Diggy Bones & The Tokens of Love
Written by Simonne Michelle-Wells   
Saturday, 18 April 2009 00:15
Return to Greatness | Diggy Bones & The Tokens of LoveI’ve decided to go out on a limb here: I think Ben Sutton will be the next big thing in Australian musical comedy. There. I’ve said it.

What is it about Perth and music comedy talent? Maybe there’s something in the water? Who knows, but Sutton simply oozes talent. My face is still aching from seeing his show Return to Greatness. This is a must-see for this year’s Festival. It’ll be one of those things in years to come that you’ll gloat about to your friends who are clamouring to get $100 tickets: “I saw him when he was just breaking into the big time, in a pokey little bar in some obscure MICF venue.” Mark my words people, you may never see this man again for only $18 a ticket.

Return to Greatness is a wholly satisfying experience because the hour-long show follows a narrative that, despite its (intended) lightness and irony, grounds you in the story and draws you cleverly along. On top of this, the performances are breathtakingly good.

The story follows Diggy Bones (Sutton), a sort of funk gangster cum D-grade celebrity who has risen, fallen, and is in the process of rising again. Diggy is here to tell us the no-holds-barred story with the help of his funk band, The Tokens of Love. The first song, We’re Gonna Do it Like Bonobos (they’re horny little monkeys and they’ve got no clothes) is truly hilarious. As is We Fixed the Munted, a song developed during Diggy’s time writing jingles for the Minister for Health.

This show has it all: from a sonnet about foot fetishes to a cameo from Tripod. From the costuming to the well produced video footage, no detail has been left to chance. And yet, it still has the sparkle that excellent stand-up and improvisation can bring in the hands of someone who truly understands the art of comic timing.

Sutton’s voice is wonderful. How on earth he manages to produce such sublime tones around those hilarious choppers, I have no idea. I can only imagine what the man sounds like without them. His acting skills are top notch, too; the inclusion of an affecting and vulnerable moment for Diggy proves as such (not to mention the unfaltering characterisation). Diggy’s band, The Tokens of Love - comprising Coco Sugarlips (Ofa Fotu) on vocals and bass, Colonel Fingers (Gary Benness) on guitar, and Bustin’ Down Town (Steven Rea) on drums - are a ridiculously talented trio of musicians. Fotu almost brought the crowd to their feet with her powerful, Aretha Franklin-esque voice.

Just go and see it.

Love Monkey
Diggy Bones & The Tokens of Love
Return to Greatness!

Venue: The Tuxedo Cat at the Nicholas Building | Level 2, 37 Swanston St, Melbourne (Licensed venue. Under 18s must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian)
Dates: 2 - 25 April
Times: Tue - Sat 7pm
Duration: 55 minutes
Prices: Full $18, Concession $15
Bookings: Door Only
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Great review! and spot on! Diggy is the man. This show's got it all, a real pro prodcution, and will have you wetting your pants :)
Alfred Gorman , April 21, 2009
Couldn't agree more, this show is hilarious!!! Dare I say it better than Arj... a real treat not to be missed.
Marco Bellecci , April 25, 2009

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