Saturday, 23 September 2017
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Lauren Bok: A Bok In Progress

landscape melb.jpgThis is the second solo show from comedian Lauren Bok.

Here’s the first question? Here’s a second question? Here’s a slightly crazy third question! Anyway come watch comedian Lauren Bok progress towards a bang, or a whimper. You have four nights to find out, and so does she.

Off the back of her highly successful first solo show, Lauren Bok returns to Melbourne Fringe fresh from Edinburgh Fringe with a whole new hour. Content warnings include mime (Yes, mime), drums (better tell the venue), dance (write APRA form), some audience interaction (hope that doesn’t throw people off, but it’s the fringe, so, deal with it), and hopefully, jokes (write jokes.)

Lauren Bok is a Melbourne-based comedian, writer and performer, with a bright, witty and physical style. She wrote for SBS Comedy, appears on Channel 31 a lot and performs year-round on festival circuits around the world.

Her debut show Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito, collected a Best Emerging Artist (Weekly) Award at Adelaide Fringe 2016 and has just finished a successful Edinburgh Fringe season at the Gilded Balloon.

But all that means nothing now because she needs to make a new show.

Lauren Bok: A Bok In Progress
Melbourne Fringe
8.30pm, Sept 13-16
Metropolitan Hotel
All tickets $14.50
Ph: 03 9660 9666

'Snort level funny' - Broadsheet
'Keeps the audience in stitches' -
“Sold out with the Audience in hysterics’ - Funny Tonne
'Holds the stage from moment one and commands our attention with the ease' - theplusones
''Her face oozed with expression and she handled the crowd perfectly' - Rip it up
"Lauren’s relatable, hysterical, sassy, uncompromising, and exactly the kind of chick you want to be having brunch with. Lauren, I need you in my life." - Bare Truth Mag

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