Sunday, 24 September 2017
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The Seymour Centre Presents the triumphant return of SHIT

Shit-q4.jpgFollowing a sell-out season at the 2017 Sydney Festival, the compelling, raw and powerful play, SHIT, by Patricia Cornelius will take to the stage in an exclusive return season at The Seymour Centre from 18th to 29th July. Nominated for the 2017 Helpmann Award for Best Director (Susie Dee), SHIT examines the intersections of class and misogyny. It is provocative and tragic, heartbreaking, bracing and bitterly funny.

What of the women and girls who defy gender demarcations, who transgress the boundaries and restraints of social order and expectation?

What happens when a girl spits, or swears, or screams, or laughs too loudly, or she fights, or cuts her hair too short, and wears too much lipstick? Out of control girls, angry girls, nasty girls are a sight to behold. They are terrifying, electrifying, they are everything girls should not be, and we hate them.

This is a work about three such girls, Billy, Bobby and Sam. In it there is not a single moment when they transcend their ugliness. There is no indication of a better life – or, in fact, any inner life. They don’t believe in anything. They are mean, foul-mouthed, downtrodden, hard-bitten, utterly damaged women. They are neither salt of the earth nor sexy. They love no one and no one loves them. They believe the world is shit, that their lives are shit, that they are shit.

SHIT originally appeared as part of NEON Festival of Independent Theatre in 2015. NEON is a Melbourne Theatre Company initiative.            

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