Monday, 21 August 2017
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Raconteurs & Balladeers by Sven Swenson

1213.jpg4 - 20 May, 7pm, $30

Toowong Bowls Club
59 Gailey Rd, Toowong

Sven Swenson’s ‘Raconteurs and Balladeers’ is a Brisbane-born musical from the acclaimed Sundial Plays, featuring twenty four original songs woven through a bitingly funny and stunningly dramatic tale of a band of veterans of the war in Afghanistan, whose tour of duty springs vividly to life as they try to make sense of their past and life lived now on civvy street. Presented by multi-award winning Pentimento Productions at the Toowong Bowls Club.

They lived together in a world few of us really know or ever truly understand, sometimes sleeping sitting up with only one another’s backs to lean on. All saw the best and worst in each other and some had to dig deep to find a reason to be prepared to die for the man standing next to him. Even if one grew to loathe another, still they would remain inescapably brothers forever.

These days, since being discharged, these veterans of the war in Afghanistan reunite to rehearse the repertoire of their defunct garage band and relive memories that can’t be shared with others in their lives. Tonight, an absentee comrade will return to the fold and it will not be as easy to ignore the ghost of the dead soldier who haunts every reunion, or to gloss over the mystery of his death and the cover up that followed.

Patrons are advised that that performance deals with issues of child abuse, violence & PTSD.

Director: Sven Swenson
Producer: James Trigg
Musical Direction: Peter Crees
Musical Consultant: Brent Lammas
Choreographer: Brian Lucas
Fight Director: Justin Palazzo-Orr
Military Consultants: Sam Ryan, Gavin Field
Cast: Peter Crees, Anthony De Marco, Tom McCosker, Jason McKell, Sam Ryan and James Trigg
Image by Bulimba Studios.

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