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Jun 12

It's a wrap > How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found

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It's over!  All cast and crew had a fantastic journey ...

Onto the next project - email to keep up to speed with Hoy Polloy news.

 Until next time ...

Commentary > Actor: David Passmore

David played the lead role of Charlie Hunt in How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found. He recently made the following comments regarding his experiences with this production:

"Well, I have been in the very privledged position of having the lead role of Charlie Hunt in this most recent production by Hoy Polloy. And what a ride it has been! A solid two months of work came to fruition a little over two weeks ago when the curtain went up for opening night. For 14 shows we played to near full houses, received amazing feedback and some great reviews.

Two solid weeks of shows and its all a bit of a blur now ... but I guess if there's anything that I would like to know came out of it (and it did), it's that we moved people. We made them think, made them laugh, perhaps even cry (if the director counts) and gave them something to take away. To me that's the objective of theatre. It's about shaking people up a little and presenting them with something that may be a little uncomfortable or confronting and I think we acheived this.

We is the royal "We", starting with Fin Kennedy. What a pleasure to be working on such an iconic piece of writing. It just rollicked along. It ruthlessly swung between high drama and black comedy, never allowing the audience to get too comfortable with one or the other. So one moment of great sadness would be followed by or accompanied by hilarity . Charlie informs the Tube Man he buried his mother at Christmas and the Tube Man replies "Was she dead?" Kennedy's work has so many intricacies to the plot that we were still putting some pieces together in our final tech week. And that's the beauty of the script, there's so many small pieces that fit together that it becomes like a crime story, that cerebrial satisfaction as you fit t all together.

The other parts of "We" must start with a really professional production team. Hoy Polloy is one of those companies that you just know have their shit together. No matter who or what, every person involved has this really high degree of professionalism. Each portfolio is looked after by separate people so there's no scrimping on anything or feeling like people are spreading themselves to thin. Such a pleasure to know that all the hard work of the actors is being supported by a highly skilled crew. And that tech week was so exciting walking into the Mechanics Institute and seeing the vision start to materialise, the contributions from the crew melding together.

"We" lastly is the cast all of which inspired me and made me work harder. They were all such a pleasure to work with and come production week we were all that comfortable with each other - no one was spared a bagging at some point during the evening. Giving and taking shit is the mark of a true working relationship. Our rehearsal process at times were challenging, but with determination and professionalism we did what we needed to create a great piece of theatre.

So "We" had a big job on our hands with this one. It was a premiere, it was on the back of very successful production of Hoy Polloy's (Boston Marriage) and there was a lot of interest in the script. That pressure was felt and really I believe "We" rose to the occassion and delivered a fantastic result. Sure, if you went over it with a fine tooth comb you could find some holes. I'm not suggesting it was perfect, but "We" did come up with a really exciting and beautiful final product."

Our Next Production
Hoy Polloy and Triple R present the world premiere of

The Real Thring
by Barry Dickins

Directed by Wayne Pearn

• The Real Thring searches and discovers Frank Thring's soul and spirit and resurrects his endless erection.
• To be shocking was the only thing that didn't bore Thring.
• He was and is an ignored gay icon until this tribute to his inimitable panache.
• He was outrageous in death as well as life.
• He remains the most famous actor, the most feared drunkard, the most missed enigma.
• He was fun and a ham and a genius.
• He was everywhere in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties.
• He delighted in shocking audiences and drank as though there were no tomorrows.
• In the The Real Thring you shall see that Thring is beautiful and confused, just as the sun is or the moon is, from time to time.
• This a play of faith for all who truly love those who have buoyed us.

• 12 - 27 September 2008
• Tuesday to Saturday 8.15pm
• Sundays 5.00pm
• Venue: Triple R Performance Space, 221 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East

Tickets > Cash Only
• $30 Adult
• $20 Concession / Groups 10+
• $18 Tuesdays

• 03 9016 3873

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