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Dec 11

What I have been doing - by treading the boards, and standing in front of the cameras

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People have been asking me what I've been up to - and I figure I will mention it here, only because people have actually asked. For example, it's been a busy week... or two... where I have been auditioning, filming and performing onstage, along with working at my new job here... with the filming on all projects finishes up for the year, this weekend (as long as there's no ADR necessary).

I must admit that even though there is a surfiet of work out there not much of it is paying (although some of my gigs have actually paid, which is always gratifying)... but the current lack of paying gigs out there well right now?, there's the rub. Well then, why waste the time... er... why do the work? It's because actors LOVE the work, Gods know that I do, I always have. Just getting more work to pay for my time is the next important step in my book.

It's been busy though... Just this half of the year I've completed:

'A Difficult Birth' - "Dr Simon Delaunay"
'The Projectionist' - "Graham"
'All The Lonely' - "Narrator"
'Benefit' - "The Announcer"
'Baroque N Roll' - "The Doctor"
'Overlord Does YouTube' - "The Evil Overlord"
'Adult Learners' - "Luke Ames"
'Porphyria' - "The Religious TV Co-Host"
'Whistler' - "Jerry"
'Hot Wheels' - "The Father"
'The Cure' - "The Storyteller"
'CELOX (3D)' - "Clark Dickens"

I'm cast in, and waiting on a new filming schedule for:
'NU-Age' - "Frosty"

...and am currently appearing in:
'Theatre Of Blood' - "Rivoire" and "The Interpreter" (and Stage Managing the entire production at The Newtown Theatre)

OK, so to actually answer the questions (as opposed to just listing things) which have been asked: this year since June I've completed 11 short films (3 of which I got paid for), I'm waiting on one production to really start moving (though my hair had to be cut as I am in a stage-production which started on October 30th [at 11pm mind you]). That's  "Theatre of Blood" [ ] - I'm in two of the three short plays ('At The Telephone' and 'The Guillotine', whilst Stage-Managing the whole Production. Which is quite time-consuming (but a heck of a lot of fun) let me tell you.

It hasn't all been plain-sailing in front of the lens, though... Four projects fell through, which was unfortunate (not named for professional reasons):

One was a large independent project (paid, so there was money involved in that one) where I was cast, and a filming schedule was set but on the (early) morning of the scene/s the shoot was cancelled and due to major cast wrapping on the Production (and their subsequent unavailability) the scene/s I was cast in were scrapped (so, I was cast but not filmed).

The Second was a student project where I was cast, but received only 4 days notice before filming, followed by 2 days notice of having to supply own make-up and source my own wardrobe for a character I don't have any clothing which would suit (I was also working the evening before and couldn't get out of it). I accepted the role on the understanding that I was going in straight from work the night before, and would need more direction/notice for wardrobe for the character. I received an email back an hour later releasing me from the project due to 'our lack of notice to you'.

The Third was a student project where I was cast, but could not fit into the filming schedule with stage-rehearsals and work (that happens when schedules clash). To be fair they tried to make it work, but there was no way that I could physically do it (from Sydney to Katoomba for an 8am-Midday filming call) having worked the evening before, and still attend a rehearsal for my stage show at midday the same day, in the City as the shoot (regardless of transport being provided).

The Fourth I was cast in had a series of long delays, and then a change in the script where the character was written out (I know, that happens, too ;) )

I guess in the grand scheme of things, that this may not be a bad ratio of successes to cancellations.

I must admit that I am looking forward to the slacking off period where we have 2 weeks off from 'Theatre Of Blood', (from 11pm tonight and next Friday night, by the way, at Newtown Theatre, tickets available now), only because it's been really busy - still we come back on January 8th and I also hope to start auditioning again after the new year.

I also bit the biscuit and got a new Agent, to handle any paid work, for the next 12 months - kind of like a trial. I had a GOOD Agent a couple of years ago, but they shut up shop and moved out of the country (which was sad, because they *were* very good, to me anyway). So far not much has turned up from the Agency (but then again there may be a lack of paid work that I can see, as there is a LOT of unpaid/deferred work out there at the moment, but that doesn't pay the rent, y'know?).

I think that's my lot for the moment... I'll just end this off with the old adage... look around and see what's out there, and when you do, tell them that I'm available ;)

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