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Dec 11

What I have been doing - by treading the boards, and standing in front of the cameras

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People have been asking me what I've been up to - and I figure I will mention it here, only because people have actually asked. For example, it's been a busy week... or two... where I have been auditioning, filming and performing onstage, along with working at my new job here... with the filming on all projects finishes up for the year, this weekend (as long as there's no ADR necessary).

I must admit that even though there is a surfiet of work out there not much of it is paying (although some of my gigs have actually paid, which is always gratifying)... but the current lack of paying gigs out there well right now?, there's the rub. Well then, why waste the time... er... why do the work? It's because actors LOVE the work, Gods know that I do, I always have. Just getting more work to pay for my time is the next important step in my book.

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