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Mar 21

DIMBOOLA: The Matrimonial Makings Of A Monster

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Deceit & deception.meetings & romping under tables.

No, I am not speaking of the burning flame that is Robynne and Ray (see last blog entry if you can’t keep up). I am talking of the secrets kept between director and cast, cast and crew, and cast and . . . cast. We’ve all got them, hiding in our pockets, closets and pants. But this week Director Rob Chuter let the cast in on one deviously devastating deception that had occurred only a few hours prior. A clandestine rehearsal had supposedly occurred in which Rob met with a select few members of the cast to rehearse the final scenes of the play. Rumour has it that the rehearsal went so well that this band of rabelaisian renegades developed a new ending to the performance. Not such a major occurrence in itself, aside from the fact that Rob had decided this new ending would not be revealed to the rest of the cast until it occurred on opening night!

Ooooh the chaos that followed this announcement . . . the gasps, the intrigue, Margaret Younger stamping her feet on the table demanding answers and screaming “BLASPHEME! BLASPHEME!” (Actually, she does that at every rehearsal, I’m not too sure what thats all about really!) Everyone was shocked and aroused. What could this new ending possibly entail? Would Rob be making a Hitchcock-ian cameo, suspended from the ceiling as the ghost of weddings past? Could that crazy idea of trained monkey waiters be happening after all? Was Rob going to enforce the possible nudity clause in our contracts to end the play with some bare-bum hilarity? Only time will tell. And if you are lucky enough to be there on opening night, you will be witnessing it at the same time as us. So as Rob has said to us, so shall I relay to you: be prepared for anything!

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